Accelero 1200

Large format plate making

For quality conscious commercial printers with large format presses, alfa CTP offers a the Accelero 1200 which images plates up to 1470 x 1180 mm (57.9 x 46.5 in.). The Accelero uses an external drum and a 64 channel thermal imaging head, which can output approximately 16 full size plates an hour at 2400 dpi. Plates are loaded into the machine manually, but it can de-load automatically to a plate finisher if the plate type in use requires it. The machines comes with a comprehensive warranty to give the user the peace of mind that every eventuality is covered.  

Large format commercial printing

Imaging method
Thermal laser diode array, external drum
Imaging head
64 channels
Max plate size
1470 x 1180 mm (57.9 x 46.5 in)
Min plate size
650 x 550 mm (25.6 x 21.6 in)
Max imaging size
1470 x 1166 mm (57.8 x 45.9 in)
Plate thickness
0.15mm – 0.3 mm or 0.27 mm - 0.4 mm (alternative) 
Plate load
Plate de-loading
Manual or online to processor where applicable
Output speed
Approx. 16 plates an hour
Daylight or white light operation
Fixed size up to 2400 dpi
± 5µm 
Single phase: 200-240V. Power 4KW
Recommended: 21-25°C. Allowed 18-26°C. Humidity 40-70% non-condensing
2355 x 1910 x 1217 mm (92.7 x 75.2 x 47.9 in.) (W x D x H)
1400 Kg (3080 lbs)