Accelero 800

Focus on quality

The Accelero 800 makes high quality printing plates for demanding 8-up printers with plates up to 1130 x 920 mm (44.45 x 36.2 in). It images from an external drum and comes with either a thermal or UV imaging head, which can contain between 32 and 64 channels, depending on the level of output speed required (more channels, greater speed). The performance of thermal and UV heads is comparable and the machine supports both “develop on press” and wet processing plate types.
Plates are loaded manually into the top of the machine and are returned to the operator at the point of loading. The machines operates in white or daylight conditions. To ensure the highest quality results, the machine is optimized for a single resolution which can be up to 2400 dpi. 

Commercial printing, newspapers

Imaging method
Thermal or UV laser diode array, external drum
Imaging head
32 – 64 channels
Max plate size
1130 x 920 mm (44.45 x 36.2 in)
Min plate size
400 x 300 mm (15.75 x 11.8 in)
Max Imaging size
1130 x 904 mm (44.45 x 35.6 in)
Plate thickness
0.15mm – 0.3mm 
Plate load
Plate de-loading
Output speed
Max. plate at 2400 dpi up to 25 plates an hour
Min. plate at 2400 dpi up to 50 plates an hour    
Daylight or white light operation
Fixed size up to 2400 dpi
± 5µm 
Single phase: 200-240V. Power 4KW
Recommended: 21-25°C. Allowed 18-26°C. Humidity 40-70% non-condensing
2,320 x 1,080 x 960 mm (91.3 x 42.5 x 37.8 in.) (W x D x H)
900 Kg (1980 lbs)