Accelero 888 - semi or fully automatic

Quality and productivity for commercial printers

The Accelero 888 is designed to give today's commercial printers the options they need to compete and thrive. Depending on productivity requirements, its thermal imaging head can be configured with 32, 48 or 64 laser channels and it comes in two formats to suit either 4-up or 8-up printers.

Accelero offers three plate handling configurations: The semi-automatic machines allows plates to be loaded manually, but whether ordered with the machine or as a future upgrade, it can be made fully automatic with the addition of either the single cassette or the multi-cassette autoloader. The single cassette option has a 100 plate capacity, while the multi-cassette versions has four cassettes which can each hold a different size plate up to a total of 400 plates.

For more information on the options for automation, please see the "Automation Options" page on this website. 

ACCELERO 888 - semi or fully automatic
Commercial printing

Imaging method
Therma laser diode array, external drum
Imaging head
32 – 64 channels
Max plate size (standard)
Max 1130 x 920 mm (44.45 x 36.2 in)

Min plate size (standard)
Min 510 x 400 mm (20 x 15.74 in)

Max plate size (small)
Max 800 x 660 mm (31.5 x 26 in)
Min plate size (small)
Min 400 x 300 mm (15.74 x 11.8 in)
Plate thickness
0.15mm – 0.3mm 
Plate load
Manual or autoloader

Autoloader options
Single cassette with slip sheet removal, 100 plate capacity
Four cassettes with slip sheet removal, 400 plate capacity, up to four different sizes

Plate de-loading
Online to processor where applicable
Output speed example
724 x 838 mm = 31 to 51 PPH @1200 dpi or 20 to 34 PPH @ 2400 dpi

Daylight or white light operation
1200 or 2400 dpi
Repeatability ± 5µm 
Single phase: 200-240V. Power 4KW
Recommended: 21-25°C. Allowed 18-26°C. Humidity 40-70% non-condensing
2127 x 1405 x 1058 mm (83.75 x 55.31 x 41.65 in) W x D x H
1200 Kg (2640 lbs)