Accelero NEWS - semi or fully automatic

Newspaper productivity, with commercial quality

Built with newspapers in mind, this machine has the quality to produce commercial printing plates too. Users can choose either a thermal or UV imaging head which can contain, 32, 48 or 64 channels depending on the level of productivity required. It supports both “develop on press” and wet processing plate types, providing the option to use the plate that best suits your production needs. It can be configured as either a semi or fully automatic machine with the option of either a 100 or 400 (multi-size) plate autoloader. It also comes with two format options depending on the size of the largest plate in use.

The video below shows the machine with the covers open in operation with the multi-cassette autoloader. 

ACCELERO NEWS - semi or fully automatic
Newspaper, commercial printing

Imaging method
Thermal or UV laser diode array, external drum
Imaging head
32 – 64 channels
Max plate size (standard)
Max 1130 x 920 mm (44.45 x 36.2 in)

Min plate size (standard)
Min 510 x 400 mm (20 x 15.74 in)

Max plate size (small)
Max 800 x 660 mm (31.5 x 26 in)
Min plate size (small)
Min 400 x 300 mm (15.74 x 11.8 in)
Plate thickness
0.15mm – 0.3mm 
Plate load
Manual or autoloader

Autoloader options
Single cassette with slip sheet removal, 100 plate capacity
Four cassettes with slip sheet removal, 400 plate capacity, up to four different sizes

Plate de-loading
Online to processor where applicable
Output speed example
Typical newspaper plate, up to 56  PPH at 1200 dpi
Daylight or white light operation
1200 or 2400 dpi
Repeatability ± 5µm 
Single phase: 200-240V. Power 4KW
Recommended: 21-25°C. Allowed 18-26°C. Humidity 40-70% non-condensing
2127 x 1405 x 1058 mm (83.75 x 55.31 x 41.65 in) W x D x H
1200 Kg (2640 lbs)