NewsXpress II FA

Technology that keeps on working

This workhorse CTP is ideal for small and medium newspapers that need fully-automatic operation. It features a patented slip sheet removal system and comes in two versions supporting either 60 or 250 plates online. Depending on plate size and resolution, the NewsXpress can image up to 60 plates an hour. It images any violet sensitive plate, including the eco-friendly low chem. products. 

NewsXpress CTP - fully-automatic
Small to medium newspapers

Imaging method                            
Violet laser, flat field imaging 
Imaging head                                  
Single laser diode (405 nm)
Max plate size                                
635 x 927 mm (25 x 36.5 in)
Min plate size
385 x 290 mm (15.15 x 11.4 in)
Max Imaging size
635 x 927 mm (25 x 36.5 in)
Plate thickness
0.14mm – 0.35mm
Plate load
Plate de-loading
Online to processor
Maximum plates on line
60 or 250 depending on model
Output speed
Max. size plate at 1200 dpi, approx 36 plates an hour
Min. size plate at 1200 dpi, approx 60 plates an hour
White/day light operation
1016 to 2540 dpi
0.025mm (0.001 in.)
100-240 V; 3 amps; 250 watts max; 50/60Hz, single phase
Compressed air supply
6.2 BAR @ 283L/min (10CFM @ 90 PSI)
17 – 30°C, 45 – 65% RH
865 x 3360 x 1910 mm, (34 x 133 x 75 in.) ( (W x L x H)
409 Kg