Media Suite

It's all about the content, editorial and digital media

In conjunction with our sister company alfa media ( we are very pleased to offer Media Suite, the modules of which have the single aim of helping publishers produce and manage their most valuable asset (content), so that it can published to any of today's media, regardless of format. It is available either in a traditional licensed server configuration, or in a hosted setting on a "software for service" basis. Please see the specification tab for more details. 

Media Suite main modules and key features

Media Suite, CMS

  • Media-neutral content management system and integration platform
  • Multi-media objects authoring and formatting
  • Browser based application


  • Complet editorial organization
  • Publication planning
  • Assign, manage and control content creation regardless of format or platform

News Suite

Direct and dynamic editorial workflow system from creation to publication, allowing journalists to focus on creating content not technology. 

  • Centralized editing tool
  • Formatting content from any source
  • Develop and manage editorial workflows
  • Flexible and modular, tailored to the publisher's needs

Media Suite Touch - creation in motion

Time is priceless in the media business; editorial departments must be briefed on breaking news as quickly as possible. With Media Suite Touch, content created on the road can be filed in real time directly to the newspaper's central content management system, making it available almost instantly. With Media Suite Touch there is no distinction between content created anywhere in the organization, it is all in the same place regardless of origin. 

  • Interact directly with the main content management system
  • Upload multimedia content (text, images, video, and audio) from mobile devices
  • Assign new content to articles or work flows
  • Create and edit new content while on the move


Dynamic content for tablets and smartphones

As newspaper publishing becomes increasingly cross-platform and in some cases entirely digital, the key is having a discrete environment in which to present news in an attractive and engaging way but which also allows delivers serious and important content that has great perceived value to the reader. In conjunction with Media Suite, News + is the vehicle for designing and presenting the news in the form of a digital app, whether it is for smart phone or tablet.