News Mate Plus - workflow

Simple, automated newspaper workflow

Designed for small to medium sized newspapers, this is the newest workflow package from alfa CTP. Starting with local or remote (FTP) file input, NewsMate Plus can automate the production process through page-pairing and output. 

NewsMate Plus is a PDF based, client-server workflow system for small to medium sized newspapers.  Designed to improve efficiency and reduce waste through automation, NewsMate Plus supports local and remote file submission and has easy to use features for multi-issue publication planning, page pairing and soft proofing.

File Handling - NewsMate Plus combines smart hot folders with FTP technology to facilitate submission and distribution of both local and remotely created publications.

Publication Management - Whether a site has one or many publications, NewsMate Plus provides a way to set up and manage each issue to ensure a smooth and efficient flow of files from input to plating.

Automated Page Pairing - Using data from the publication planner, NewsMate Plus automates the page-pairing process whether the input is a series of single PDFs, or multi-page sections.

Soft Proofing - NewsMate Plus includes a sophisticated post-RIP viewer which allows the user to soft proof in fine detail before committing to plate.

Client-Server -NewsMate Plus consists of a PC server, which can be located anywhere on the network and user-clients which reside on either Macintosh or PC computers.

Production Versatility - NewsMate Plus is a flexible and versatile system that can change and adapt as production needs evolve. New titles can be added and even commercial print jobs can be processed with ease.