Workflow for commercial printers

WorkMates is an easy to use commercial workflow with a client/server interface that simplifies the management of a print jobs from submission, through the RIP process to output, including network proofers and CTPs.  It provides all the features necessary to streamline the process and maximize productivity. 

Remote soft proofing tools enable quick and easy job verification prior to imaging. The interface enables the user to monitor progress, reassign output order, hold/release jobs, resubmit or re-direct jobs to any output device from any workstation on the network. Imposition templates can be defined and used to create flats and files can be renamed and redirected based on file naming conventions. 

Additionally, multi-page PDF files can be split into single pages for proofing or imposition. Remote production sites can be accommodated by automatically receiving or sending files via FTP.  

Key features of WorkMates

- RIP based PDF workflow
- Client-server architecture
- Remote access
- Configurable hot folders
- Queue management
- Soft proofing
- Generic proofer driver
- Tiff Out 
- Automatic PDF creation
- PDF splitting
- FTP Input/Output

- Platform included:
  - Windows 10 Pro, 64 bit
  - 8 Gb RAM
  - 500 Gb Hard drive
  - 20 in HD monitor